"We are neither a charity nor a fashion house – we are in the art of stitching stories."

President’s Message

For me Inaash represents the cultural heritage of my family, forced into exile in 1948.Our embroidery is a form of visual language that speaks of geography, status and belonging. It is also a kind of woven narrative documenting the existence of entire communities that have been dispersed or erased.Through Inaash we hope the world will see that Palestinians are not simply refugees but a people with an incredibly rich culture and history.

Nadia Abdelnour
Inaash President

Because we care

All are volunteers and all share a commitment to make Inaash sustainable. They bring various skills to the table and work to their strengths in committees: design, social impact, finance, communications, exhibitions and fundraising. The most senior among them have been with Inaash from inception and have an encyclopedic knowledge of embroidery and its provenance.

Fayez Khouri

Jihane Tarazi

Hala Dimechkie

Lena Yeshruti

Rula Alami

Ziad Haddara

Sima Kanaan

Abir Bawarshi

Rasha Khoury

Advisors to the board

Malak Alhusseini

Susan Shammas

Maureen Ali

Mayya Corm

Zeina Shahid

Mayyada Baydas

Sima Ghandour

Leila Hammoud

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