At Inaash, we produce hand-embroidered and hand-sewn garments to lower our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. 

We also source natural fabrics and dyes to cut back on the use of harmful chemicals

Cultural Appreciation

Palestinian embroidery is at the heart and soul of Inaash. 

Our mission is the promotion, preservation, respect and appreciation of the beauty of traditional tatreez. 

Women's empowerment

Inaash embroiderers are leaders in their field.   

They are widely recognized for the skill and refinement of their work. 

Without them Inaash would not exist.  We cannot reward them or thank them enough for their exquisite work

We are proud to be able to support and empower them.

International Recognition

Through the work of our in-house design team and in our collaborations with leading international artists, Inaash has taken the art of Palestinian embroidery to a whole new level, creating works that have been featured in world famous museums such as the Paris Pompidou Centre, the British Museum and Tate Modern, the Smithsonian in Washington DC and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, as well
as in exhibitions in Europe, the UK, the USA and throughout the Mena region

Pride in our Heritage

Traditional embroidery (tatreez) is a potent symbol of Palestinian culture and identity.

A skill passed from mother to daughter through generations, it represents the
thread that binds Palestinians together no matter where they are.

At Inaash every item we make represents a piece of Palestine, to grace the home or to wear with pride.