"We are neither a charity nor a fashion house – we are in the art of stitching stories."
As a trained architect and a jeweler Dina Kamal is a design practitioner operating under an architectural vision with an uncompromising affinity for detail and the production process - all qualities she rigorously applied to the Inaash Cushionania project.

“My parents are Palestinian and Inaash was part of my childhood,” she says. “So when Inaash approached me about this project I was happy to participate, it’s an important part of my origins and of great interest to me.”

The inspiration behind her cushion collection stems from the word Palestine and all that it represents for her: conflict, contradiction, and the abstraction of space/land.

She says, “I wanted to focus on the word as an abstract form representing the country - to reassert its presence, and as a tool to communicate the current state of Palestine.”

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