"We are neither a charity nor a fashion house – we are in the art of stitching stories."

Nada Debs unrolls her latest, “colour-graded” collection of Inaash embroidered cushions on white silk.  This stunning new design sits alongside Debs’ earlier Inaash collaboration – white on white with colour – and her signature plexi stools with classic Inaash embroidered cushions.

Raised in Japan with a Levantine spirit, Debs lived in different parts of the world before returning to Lebanon and taking up residence in Beirut after a 40-year absence.  Fusing a Far Eastern aesthetic for minimalism with a Middle Eastern appreciation of fine decorative craftsmanship, Debs created her East & East concept which caught the imagination of the design world and secured her place on the world design atlas.

Debs strives to push the boundaries of design while remaining true to its culture, heritage and identity.  For Cushionania she created two collections: “Spectrum of Light” an interplay of shadow and color that reveals and conceals the intricate cross-stitching; and “Where Land meets the Sea” inspired by the natural gradients found at the point where the land and sea converge.

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