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Denim Tote Handbag-Large

Product Details

Material: Thick Linen
Hand embroidered with DMC threads
Large pocket on the inside
Origin: Lebanon
Culture: Palestine

Going shopping? To the beach? To work? On a trip? Don't leave home without one of our super useful tote bags. Made from strong denim, with a colorful cotton lining, our bags feature stunning hand-embroidery in a range of colors, patterns and motifs. They are durable, versatile and they look great. 

Shipping Information

Shipping is done from Lebanon 

Shipping inside Lebanon: Avg. 2-3 working days

Shipping  to Arab countries: Avg. 3-4 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to Europe: Avg. 7-10 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to USA and Canada: Avg. 4-5 working days

Shipping to Australia: Avg. 7-8 working days

Shipping to the Far East (Japan & China): Avg. 5-6 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to South Eastern Asia: Avg. 7-10 (except customs clearance)

Shipping to Africa: Avg. 7-10 working (except customs clearance)

Shipping to South America: Transit cannot be secured, as shipment will get held by US customs, prior connecting to its final destination.

Denim Tote Handbag-Large

Denim Tote Handbag-Large