Green Long Tray
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Green Long Tray
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Green Long Tray

Product Details

Size: 40x15x3.5 cm (+/-5%)
Material: Canvas
Hand-embroidered with DMC threads
Culture: Palestine 
Origin: Lebanon 

Each Inaash product is hand embroidered by skilled Palestinian artisans living in refugee camps across Lebanon. 

Their work is intricate and time consuming, reflecting the women's pride in their heritage and commitment to their culture.

The quality of Inaash embroidery is in a class of its own. 

Our signature pieces are regarded as collectors items to be worn with pride and treasured.

Every item we make tells a story of Palestine based on centuries old traditional motifs and patterns. 

When you buy from Inaash you buy a unique and beautiful piece of Palestinian history.

Shipping Information

Shipping is done from Lebanon 

Shipping inside Lebanon: Avg. 2-3 working days

Shipping  to Arab countries: Avg. 3-4 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to Europe: Avg. 7-10 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to USA and Canada: Avg. 4-5 working days

Shipping to Australia: Avg. 7-8 working days

Shipping to the Far East (Japan & China): Avg. 5-6 working days (except customs clearance)

Shipping to South Eastern Asia: Avg. 7-10 (except customs clearance)

Shipping to Africa: Avg. 7-10 working (except customs clearance)

Shipping to South America: Transit cannot be secured, as shipment will get held by US customs, prior connecting to its final destination.

Green Long Tray

Green Long Tray