About Us

We are dedicated to improving the lives of women in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.

In 2019 we celebrate our Jubilee – fifty golden years of helping thousands of women to earn an income and achieve the dignity of providing for their families.

Our Mission

Skill, beauty and empowerment through the point of a needle.

Maximizing employment opportunities for female artisans one stitch at a time, by producing and selling high quality, hand made traditional embroidery

Our Vision

Keeping heritage alive, relevant and desirable

Embroidery is the living heritage of Palestine, transferred from mother to daughter through the ages.  Our vision is to conserve it, promote its beauty and keep it relevant in today’s world on behalf of those who produce it.

Our Impact

Across the generations

Since its inception in 1969 Inaash has impacted the lives of over 2,000 women refugees by providing training, income and even early education for their children.  It currently employs 412 women in five camps.